How does Order Ahead Work?

The LevelUp order ahead feature simply works as a channel to direct the orders of app users to your existing online ordering system(such as, Eatstreet).

Users place the order on the app, the order is sent to the online order provider, and then the online order provider sends the order to your restaurant!


Payment Flow

As for the payment flow, you'll receive your order and payment like you would with any other online order transaction, through your existing ordering provider and payment processor. The user pays us, we pay the provider, the provider pays you.


If LevelUp provides any rewards to users, the reward is completely covered by LevelUp. You will be paid the full amount for all transactions.

Order Issues & Inquiries

If for some reason the order fails, the user will be refunded and a $10 credit will be added so that they can use it next time! If you run out of an item or have any issues with users you can reach out to us and we can always cancel orders and have user reorder something else!

Contact Us

If you have any issues with orders or have any general questions, please reach out to us at 855.538.3542. We provide 24/7 support. 

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