I’ve got an Idea for a New App Feature!

If you have an idea for a rewards app feature, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re always updating our apps (often at least once a month), so we very much encourage customer to submit feedback. Feedback is the main drive behind the updates and changes we make! We can often be reached directly through the app, but also at our customer service email support@thelevelup.com

We do appreciate your patience while we review and attempt to implement feedback. Our apps are often a collaboration between multiple systems (at least the merchant’s and our own). We will do what we can as soon as we can -- thank you for your suggestion and for your patience!

If you have feedback about food or staff at a merchant, please refer to that merchant’s support or customer service team directly. As app support, we can only address suggestions for changes to be made to the specific rewards app. For additional information, please see I need to change or cancel my order or I had a poor experience due to service or food quality.

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