Can I log into multiple LevelUp powered apps with the same email address?

Yes. In fact, it’s part of our terms of service, as registering a different email makes a second account and violates our one-account per user policy. If you’ve done this by accident, no big deal! Please reach out to us at with the email addresses used and we’ll be able to help!  

When you type an email already registered with LevelUp to a new LevelUp app, it will recognize your LevelUp account, request your password, then log you into that new app with the same LevelUp account information (birthday, payment method, etc). This is to prevent you from having to enter the same information in multiple places. Your LevelUp account is like a WiFi account where each different branded app you use is a device through which you access that WiFi: the first time you use that device (app), you’ll have to login to the WiFi (the LevelUp account).

This also means that updating the payment method on file in one LevelUp app updates it across the board, as it’s not the app you’re updating, but the LevelUp account as a whole. This stands true for all account changes in a LevelUp powered app, be it the name, birthday, email address, payment preference, etc.

Finally, a lot of our partners put a lot of time and effort into their branded application. Because of this, they’ll often offer rewards unique to that application that will not be offered in the general LevelUp app. Whenever a merchant offers a unique, branded app powered by LevelUp, we recommend transacting through it at that merchant instead of through the LevelUp app to get the most out of your rewards experience!

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