Support Process - Writing a New IKB Article for L1


This article will detail steps for writing a new article within the IKB (the Internal Knowledge Base).

What is the purpose of the procedure?

  • The IKB is the resource Support relies on to document and reference all of the info needed to perform as a Support agent on a day to day basis. How to use our tools, how to handle tickets, how to troubleshoot hardware, how to report problems, etc. all of this vital information is documented in the IKB. As our products and procedures evolve new documentation is required to keep our information current and these additions to the IKB must be written and categorized in the proper manner so that the OKB remains a useful resource. 

To what kinds of problems/situations does it relate?

  • Any instances where new articles are required in the IKB

Whom does it impact and how?

  • This impacts Support since a properly maintained and updated IKB is required for us to be able to perform to the fullest. As such it also affects our users, merchants & partners since we can only serve them well if we have the information required to do so. Support agents must know the process for how a new article is written so that if new articles become necessary they will be able to assist in their creation.

Process Overview

  • The need for a new IKB article is recognized
  • A Zendesk ticket is submitted outlining the article that needs to be created
  • The IKB editor assigns the writing of the ticket to the appropriate Support Agent, based on specialization
  • The newly drafted article is submitted for final review by the IKB Editor
  • The reviewed article is pushed to the appropriate section of the IKB
  • The IKB editor will issue regular team-wide summaries of new articles and article updates

Further Details

  • Recognizing the need for a new article
    • A brand new tool/process/procedure will be introduced to the Support workflow. In these cases there will not be documentation about the new item and thus new articles will be needed
    • OR, while referencing the IKB to find information how to handle a particular support task an agent will notice that the needed article does not yet exist and thus a new article needs to be written
  • Reporting the need for a new article
    • Agent creates a new Zendesk ticket using the "Workflows::New IKB Article Suggestion - Create New Ticket" macro and fills out the requested fields which detail:
      • The suggested article subject
      • The section of the IKB it should likely be placed in
      • The ticket that prompted you to need such an article
      • Any additional notes
    • Once the ticket is submitted as solved it will generate a new"Request for New IKB Article" ticket that will show in a dedicated view titled "IKB Assigns"
  • Assigning the Task of Writing an Article
    • The IKB Editor will regularly monitor the IKB Assigns view for newly submitted tickets
    • Each ticket will be vetted to ensure that the suggested article does in fact not exist yet and that the required information cannot be found in an a different article
    • The IKB Editor will determine which article template the new article should be written in accordance with, and in which section it should be placed
    • The IKB Editor will determine who is assigned the task of creating the article based on the current support agent specializations
      • The editor will then assign the "Request for New IKB Article" ticket to the appropriate specialist
      • If the required article does not clearly fall under the purview of a particular specialization the IKB Editor may work with the Support Team Lead to determine the Support agent best equipped to draft the article
  • Drafting a New Article
    • Responsibility for creating the new article will belong to the agent who owns the specialization under which the article falls. Once they are assigned the "Request for New IKB Article" ticket by the IKB Editor they may:
      • Draft the new article themselves
      • Or they may delegate writing the article to another agent currently seeking to master the specialization by assigning them the "Request for New IKB Article" ticket
    • Articles should be drafting according to the template for the particular article type which will be noted in the "Request for New IKB Article" ticket
    • If you need to save a draft to come back to it later you will NOT be using the ""draft mode" feature of the IKB
      • Instead you will assign the article to your personal review section in the IKB 
    • Once the draft is completed you will include the "DRAFT Header for a NEW or UPDATED IKB Article" (found among the TEMPLATES in the Knowledge Base Editor section of the IKB at the top of the article
    • You will then assign the article to the Review - Knowledge Base Editor section of the IKB
  • IKB Editor Review
    • Once the drated article is submitted to the  Knowledge Base Editor section the Knowledge Base Editor will complete a final review for grammar, spelling, readability, & IKB formatting compliance
      • If the article adheres to the above criteria the IKB editor will remove any draft notes from the article and move the finished article to the appropriate section of the IKB
      • The article will be included in the next new/updated article summary email sent out by the IKB editor to the Support team

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