Why Have I Been Blocked from Linking My Card to My Account?

By default LevelUp allows each credit or debit card to be linked to only one account. Our system blocks any attempt to link a card if it's previously been linked to another account.

If you don’t think the card you've tried should be linked to any other account here are some reasons you might have run into the issue:

  • You already have a LevelUp account
    • Different Apps: In addition to the LevelUp app we also power a number of branded apps for a variety of merchants across the country. Maybe you use an app to pay for salads at one merchant and a different app to pay for coffee at another merchant. You can use a single account to log into every app that LevelUp powers. Try logging into all of our apps using the credentials for the account where the card was first linked, your billing info will load automatically.
    • Different Email: You may have created an account with one email address and then created a new account with a different email at a later date. If you’ve tried to link the same card to both accounts you’d see the error. This sometimes occurs when an email address is entered incorrectly such as “john.smith@gmail.con” (instead of .com).
  • You share the card you’re attempting to link with someone else:
    • If you share a card with a spouse or family member and they’ve already linked the card to a LevelUp account of their own you will be blocked from linking the card to your account. We’re happy to make exceptions in cases like this, we just need the person who linked the card first to send a confirmation email to support@thelevelup.com.
      • The email should come from the address they use for the app and just needs to include the last 4 digits of the card in question, the email address you use for the app, & a brief note authorizing the card on your account.
      • *We require confirmation from the first person to link the card to their LevelUp account, even if this is not the cardholder.
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