I Was Notified That Someone Attempted to Link My Card to Another Account, What's Up?

Hello! It looks like someone has attempted to link a credit or debit card to their account, but that card has already been linked to your account. Don’t panic! We’ve stopped this from happening. There’s likely a very simple explanation for this, here are some possibilities:


  • Shared Card: If someone such as a spouse or family member tries to add a card linked to your LevelUp account to their own account they’ll be denied by default.
    • We’re happy to make an exception in these cases. We’d just need you to send an email to support@thelevelup.com authorizing it. Please send the message from the email address you use for the app and include their app email address, the last 4 digits of the card, and a brief note confirming the card’s use on the other account.
  • Duplicate Accounts: You may have intentionally created another account for a different app that LevelUp powers or you may have accidentally created another account by entering in the wrong credentials when logging in (ex. a typo in your email address). If this is the case you just need to log out and log back in using your original account (you only need one account for all LevelUp apps).
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