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Signing up for LevelUp with Apple Pay makes the sign-up process simple with a single touch.

To sign up for LevelUp via ApplePay, you will need to have a supported credit card added to Apple Pay.

(NOTE: Apple Pay is currently only available on the iPhone 6 and newer, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 3)

To add a card to Apple Pay

  • On your iPhone, visit Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay > Add Credit or Debit Card
  • For a list of participating banks, please visit Apple Pay Participating Banks
  • For more information on Apple Pay, please visit Apple Pay

Signing Up for LevelUp with Apple Pay

  • When the LevelUp app is launched, tap on the 'Get Started' button and you'll be brought to the next screen that allows you to select 'Sign Up with Apple Pay'

  • The next screen will offer two billing options: Preload & Reload or Monthly Billing


  • Preload & Reload: An amount of $25 will be preloaded into your account once the sign up process is completed. When the available balance falls below $10, the amount is automatically replenished with another $25
  • Monthly Billing: For the first month, all transactions are charged to the linked payment method immediately. After that, all transactions will be grouped on a monthly basis or if the open-spending total reaches $150, whichever comes first

"How do I find out what my monthly billing date is? I didn't catch it during the sign-up process!"

  • Your monthly billing date can be seen by going to the app's Settings > Payment Method > Change Payment Preference > tap on Bill Me Monthly
  • The date mentioned at the end of the description reflects your current monthly billing date
  • Want to change your monthly billing date? Just email with your request!

"HELP! The card number I see in my LevelUp app and statements does not match my actual card number!"

  • When a card is added to Apple Pay, a 'Device Account Number' is assigned to mask the actual card number
  • To view this, go into Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay > Select the card added to LevelUp > Scroll down
    • You'll notice two fields:
      • Card Number: this is your actual credit number number
      • Device Account Number: this is the account number merchants can see

"Actually, on second thought, LevelUp might not be the right thing for me right now. Can I close my account and get a refund for the preloaded $25?"

  • Feel free to contact us at or 855-538-3542 and we'd be more than happy to help!
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