Sprint Carrier Billing

Link your Sprint account, get 10% bigger rewards

You can now pay for your LevelUp purchases with your Sprint carrier bill and get 10% bigger rewards everywhere on LevelUp.

  • $10 Loyalty credit is now $11. (Hip)
  • $4 off your first visit becomes $4.40. (Hip)
  • $5 Birthday reward is now $5.50. (Hooray!)

Sprint Carrier Billing FAQs:

How do I link Sprint?

Please Note: You can only add Sprint as a payment method from a Sprint powered device

  • First, tap "Payment Methods" in the app's settings 


  • Tap "Add New Payment Method"

  • Tap "Sprint Bill"

  • Tap the blue "Pay With Sprint" Button

  • Sprint will now be listed as primary payment method for your account

How do the 10% extra rewards work?

Simply pay with your phone. Once Sprint is linked to your account, any reward via LevelUp will automagically add 10% savings.

When will I be billed for LevelUp charges?

LevelUp charges apply to your next Sprint monthly statement.

Wait… I don’t have Sprint, can I get the 10% extra rewards?

Nope… but we’d love to support other carriers. Tell your mobile provider that they should support carrier billing for LevelUp to get in on the savings action.


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