How else can I promote that I'm accepting LevelUp?

There are a number of things you can do to get your customers engaged with your new mobile payment solution! See our highly recommended suggestions below.


  • Create custom signage or utilize the marketing materials provided to you!
  • If you create signage yourself, include the phrases “Download the app” and “pay with your phone”.
  • Avoid putting dates on your signage so it can be used indefinitely.

For Full Service Restaurants:

  • Promotion in FSRs often relies less on signage on more on the relationship between the customer and their hostess & servers.
  • We recommend producing a promotional card to be placed inside menus and check-presenters. Table tents also work well.
  • However the most important form of promotion in an FSR is the server recommending your app to customers when reviewing the menu.


Update your website (especially your mobile website if you have one) with information stating that you are now accepting LevelUp. Please find some resources for logos and screenshots of the app here.

Email Marketing

If you have an email list, you can send an email announcing that you are accepting LevelUp and promote your First Visit Campaign, if you have one active.

Social Media

You should be talking it up on Facebook and Twitter!


Update your Yelp description for each location, explaining that customers can pay with LevelUp. Doing so can encourage customers to download the app before visiting.


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