How Does Monthly Billing Work?

The LevelUp app currently supports Instant Billing (meaning you will be charged at the time of transaction) but several apps powered by LevelUp are on a Monthly Billing structure, the details of which are explained below.

The Basics:

  • For the first 30 days after your first transaction: You’re charged immediately after making a purchase.
  • After 30 days: Transactions are grouped together
    • You’re charged just once per month for the sum total of your previous 30 days worth of transactions.
  • New Users have a pre-set monthly limit of $150/month.

The Details:

  • There are absolutely no service fees or monthly charges for using the app. You're only ever charged for the items that you order. If you go a full month without making any purchases you will not see any charges on your billing date.
  • The $150 limit is not a cap on monthly spending, but simply a limit on how large an individual monthly bill can become before it's charged. Your limit will increase naturally over time.
    • If you make a purchase that carries your open balance over your limit you will be charged for the full balance on the day of that purchase.
    • You will then be charged on your regularly scheduled date for any additional purchases made between the early balance closure and your scheduled billing date.
  • Your monthly billing date will generally be the date you registered with the app - If you’d like to change your monthly billing date please contact and let us know what you’d like to update your billing date to.
  • You will receive an automated receipt email after each individual purchase. If the purchase is part of a monthly bill that will be charged at a later date, the receipt will note this.
    • If the purchase will be grouped into a monthly charge, your current open balance will also be detailed on the emailed receipt.
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