How to update banking information

Where and how do I update my banking information?

  • Login to your Business Dashboard at using your merchant or location specific credentials (username and password).
  • Click Accounting > Bank Accounts > Add New Bank Account.
  • Follow through with adding bank account details and click 'Create Bank Account'.
  • On the Bank Accounts page, click the Default Bank Account as the one that was just added.
  • If adding multiple bank accounts under the same merchant and need to set a bank account per individual locations
    • Open the Payment Preferences tab under Accounting.
    • Next to each location, choose the correlating bank account using the drop down menu.
    • When finished, click 'Update Merchant'.

How do I remove an old bank account?

  • While in the Dashboard, go to Accounting > Bank Accounts.
  • To the right of the bank account click the 'Remove' option.

Note: This needs to be completed by the primary contact on the Dashboard. LevelUp can't make any changes to a bank account once it's been added to a merchant account.

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