Use LevelUp to Pay on Foodler

Don’t want to go out? Link your LevelUp account to Foodler and earn rewards when you order takeout or delivery. 

Connect to LevelUp

Click ‘Connect to LevelUp’ when selecting a payment type.

Enter LevelUp Info

Enter your LevelUp email address.

Receive Push Notification & Email

You’ll receive a push notification via the LevelUp app prompting you to confirm Foodler’s access to your account.


Confirm Permissions

Confirm the permissions request from Foodler from the app or via email. You only have to confirm permissions once (in-app OR email).

Within the app:

Via email:


App Connected, Pay with LevelUp

Your app is now connected to Foodler. Click ‘Use LevelUp’ to pay. Review your order on the next page and click ‘Place the Order’ to complete your transaction. You can select the box ‘Use LevelUp by default’ if you’d like to use LevelUp each time you pay on Foodler.

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