LevelUp Android App Walkthrough

The LevelUp app is available in the Google Play App Store for free. Head over and grab it!

App Features:

LevelUp Code: To pay, simply scan this code at any merchant that accepts LevelUp.

Tip: Slide left or right to select the percentage tip you’d like to leave (do so before you scan your LevelUp QR code!).

Instant Receipts: With each transaction, you’ll get a digital receipt via email, as well as a push notification. Transaction not familiar? One click and your account is paused and your code is reset.

Distress Signal: Have issues paying at a location? Click the triangle with an ! icon to send us a distress signal for the business and we'll get it fixed.

Places: To explore all of the places that accept LevelUp, tap the places icon (it looks like a map pin or an upside down teardrop).

  • Near You: All places where you can pay with LevelUp are listed according to your current proximity to them.
  • Credit: To the right of the place listing, available credit at each location is displayed. Credit is provided by businesses that run special promotions.
  • Map Icon: The map icon will bring you to a full map displaying nearby places where you can pay with LevelUp.
  • Place Filters: At the bottom of the screen is the Place Filters bar. Tap it to sort places by what you’re craving...Pizza, Sweets, Late Night and more!
  • Progress Bar: If a location has a progress bar within its listing, this will show how close you are to unlocking loyalty credit there.

Settings: Explore your account and app settings by clicking the gear icon on the home screen.

  • Transaction History: See details on your past transactions.
  • Manage Cards: Update your default payment source.
  • Enable PIN Lock: Setup a PIN that will be prompted upon opening the app.
  • Report an Issue: Get in touch with our Support Team!
  • Recommend a Business: Want a business to start using LevelUp? Let us know and we'll reach out to them!
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