LevelUp iPhone App Walkthrough

The LevelUp app is available free for iPhone. Download it today!

App Features:

LevelUp QR Code: To pay, simply scan this code at any business that accepts LevelUp

Tip:  Before you scan your LevelUp QR Code, slide left or right to select the percentage tip you'd like to leave.

Instant Receipts: With each transaction, you’ll get a digital receipt via email, as well as a push notification. Transaction not familiar? Simply reply to the email and our support team will help out ASAP!

Places: To explore all of the places that accept LevelUp, tap the places icon

  • Near You: All the places you can pay with LevelUp at are listed in order of how close you are to them
  • Credit: To the right of the place listing, the discount you'll receive when you transact at that business. Credit is provided by businesses that run special promotions
  • Map Icon: The map icon will bring you to a full map displaying nearby places where you can pay with LevelUp
  • Place Filters: At the bottom of the screen is the Place Filters bar. Tap it to sort places by what you’re craving...Pizza, Sweets, Late Night and more!
  • Place Pages: Click on each location to see their exact address and to check your progress in their loyalty program

Settings: Explore your account and app settings by clicking the gear icon on the home screen.

  • Places Visited: The total number of merchants that you've transacted at
  • Transaction History: A list of the date and full order total for every transaction you've made. Tap on any of these individual line items to see additional details about the purchase (such as the time, store address & any credit that was applied to your purchase)
  • Edit Account Information: Update your preferred email address, password, etc.
  • Payment Method: Select your payment method & payment preference
    • Change Payment Method: Add a debit card, add a credit card, or remove your current payment method (please note: you must have a card linked to pay with the app if you do not have a LevelUp gift card or preload balance)
    • Change Payment Preference: You may choose between two ways to pay for purchases you make with the app:
      • Preload & Reload: We'll preload $25 of credit into your account immediately (your card on file will be charged for this amount). If your balance falls below $10 we'll auto-reload another $25. If at any time you decide LevelUp isn't for you we'll refund your balance
      • Bill Me Monthly: For your first month of app use we'll charge all transactions to your linked payment method immediately. After that we'll group your transactions together (up to $150) and bill you once per month on a set date. The date will vary depending on when you create your account, but can be changed upon request. Please find additional information about monthly billing here
  • Add to Passbook: Add your LevelUp QR Code to your iPhone's Passbook for even quicker checkout
  • Choose Your Color: By default the LevelUp scanner will briefly glow green after you scan your LevelUp QR Code to indicate your QR code was read successfully. Green not your color? No worries, you can change it up!
  • Scan: An available method for loading LevelUp digital gift cards. You won't need this feature to scan your receipts, when you pay with yourLevelUp QR Code code all of your rewards progress is logged automatically
  • Log Out: This one speaks for itself! If you log out you will be required to enter your email & password before you can transact again
  • Enable App Lock: Select a 4 digit PIN that will need to be entered after 10 minutes of app inactivity
  • Report an Issue or Get a Refund: Get in touch with our Support Team! 
  • How LevelUp Works: A brief description of how to use the app to pay & earn rewards
  • Legal Info: Our Security policy, Privacy Policy, & Terms of Service
  • Recommend a Business: Want a business to start using LevelUp? Let us know and we'll reach out to them!
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