How much does LevelUp cost?

Payment Processing & Campaigns

LevelUp offers a low, competitive processing rate that remains the same regardless of the card type. No hidden fees. No monthly fees. It's that simple. Really.

Businesses on LevelUp can also run campaigns. Campaigns are advertising programs designed to do many different things – some help you get new customers, some help you retain loyal ones and some help you get more transactions. We have a bunch of different options, and we're always rolling out more.

Running a campaign costs 25 cents for every dollar of credit redeemed by a customer. We never charge for impressions, campaign promotion, support or anything else. Only real, revenue-driving results.

One Time Hardware Fees

$50/Scanner. The LevelUp Scanner plugs into most POS systems or the LevelUp Tablet. It scans the customer's QR Code and securely relays the data to the POS or Tablet, which completes the transaction. One scanner is needed per register.

$100/Tablet. If your POS doesn't support LevelUp, you can plug your scanner into a LevelUp Tablet. When a customer scans their QR Code, you simply enter the final sale price into the LevelUp Tablet which then completes the transaction.


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