My LevelUp terminal isn't working. Help!

Because there are a few different types of scanners & tablets, the troubleshooting efforts may differ. However, the basics will generally be the same. Follow the steps below for quick things to check. If you are unable to get it working or prefer to contact us immediately, email us at or call 855-538-3542.

If you're using a non-integrated setup (Phone + Scanner):

  • Check to make sure that all cables are fully connected.
  • Make sure that your tablet is charging. You can test this by plugging it into a different outlet. If it's charged and it was just dead, then give it a few minutes with a good outlet to get its charge back. Once charged (about an hour), try opening the application and tapping the "History" icon in the top right corner. If your Transaction History loads, you should be all set (FYI: Your Transaction History will only load if you've had transactions within the last few days).
  • If your Transaction History doesn't load, it may be a problem with the tablet's connectivity. You can find your signal strength by looking at the top bar on the Transaction History screen. If there are few bars of service or no bars (an X over the signal), try turning the tablet off and on again. If you are able to then view your Transaction History, you should be able to process transactions through your tablet without any issues. If not, you'll need a secured wifi network to connect the device to. To get that setup, call us at 855.538.3542.
  • If you see an airplane icon over the signal, that means the tablet is in airplane mode. To turn off airplane mode, hold the power button down for a few seconds until a pop-up box appears. Choose the "airplane" option to turn airplane mode off.

If you're using an integrated setup (Scanner Only w/ Point of Sale System):

  • Check to make sure that all cables are fully connected, including the LevelUp button (if applicable). 
  • If it's a specific error message that is popping up on the screen, if your dealer or POS rep setup the integration for you, be sure to call them for troubleshooting efforts. If you set up the integration via or our Support team walked you through the integration over the phone, be sure to call us at 855.538.3542 to troubleshoot.

None of that worked. Now what?

Contact or call 855-538-3542. In the meantime, you can download the free LevelUp Merchant app on Android and conduct the transaction right from your smart device! See your manager to get your phone approved.

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