I don't see my credit in my app or my credit didn't apply to my order

To check on your outstanding rewards or credit in your account, go to the rewards section of your app. If you received a notification that you had credit but don’t see the credit in your account, it could be due to two reasons:

  • You must claim the reward by clicking the button in the email notification you received
  • The credit won’t show as a reward in your account, it will just automatically apply to your order

 If you were expecting credit to apply to one of your orders but it didn’t, please email us the following information to support@thelevelup.com so we can see what may have gone wrong:

  • A screenshot of the email or notification you received with the reward/credit
  • The date of the order where the credit didn’t correctly apply
  • The amount of the transaction

Banking Rewards: Depending on your app, you may need to activate the reward by toggling it on. If the reward is turned off, it won’t apply to your orders.
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